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October 2021

Our Exclusive Investigation of The Salem Inn in Salem, Massachusetts for NBC!


I believe you will find this website very different from those of other New England paranormal investigators and ghost hunting groups. Why? Here you will find answers. You have undoubtedly perused other sites, finding endless 'team' photos, but virtually nothing of value to you, the reader. Other than the obligatory, "Contact us! We'll come to your house and look for ghosts!", there is usually nothing remotely resembling useful information or advice. Here you will find what you have been searching for.

My goal is to make this the most helpful, unique and honest paranormal website on the Internet. It will not remain static, but dynamic, updated and always relevant. I will sometimes be blunt, often opinionated, and maybe just a bit sarcastic. My purpose is not to try to convince you of the paranormal, as no scientific proof exists, regardless of what some may claim. My hope is to clarify and help you negotiate what has become a minefield of misguided information and blatant attempts to deceive. I have left the amateur ghost hunter websites to others. However, if you dislike strong opinion, fresh ideas and independent thought, this site will not be for you. Please consider yourself forewarned...

The Difference Is Experience

My name is Anthony Duda, a paranormal investigator based in historic and haunted Boston, Massachusetts. I conduct investigations in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, as well as throughout the United States and worldwide on a case-by-case basis. As a medical professional and former law enforcement officer, my experience is much broader than most, and I bring that knowledge, dedication and investigational expertise to Ghosts and Hauntings, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), UFO/USO phenomenon and Cryptozoology in this epicenter of strangeness we call New England.

I am not simply another ghost hunter, having actively investigated the paranormal for over 40 years, with an intense interest that began in the 1960s. I have preferred to work on a referral basis to ensure the privacy of clients, and am extremely proud to have remained independent, and not associated or affiliated with any amateur television ghost hunting organization. That is entertainment, and has little to do with real paranormal investigation. Whether a possible haunting or other issue in the paranormal realm, it has allowed me the freedom and ability to tailor an investigation to the individual circumstances and needs of the client, and not take the 'one size fits all' approach that has become all too common in this field. Using multidisciplinary methods, along with the most extensive and diverse arsenal of technology of any paranormal investigator or group in New England and quite possibly the United States, I may be able to assist you in identifying your problem and offer a possible solution. In my experience, authentic ghosts and hauntings are relatively uncommon. There really isn't a ghost around every corner and in every home, contrary to what many would lead you to believe. In fact, the vast majority of 'hauntings' have mundane and very rational explanations. But do authentic hauntings exist? Absolutely, and I have battled in the trenches with more than my share over the years.

Some Things Are Scarier than Ghosts

Like cancer. And cancer is actually why this website exists...

In March 2010 I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, along with a terminal prognosis of 12-14 months. Oh shit and oh well. The diagnosis wasn't a surprise to me, but the prognosis was. I was never a 'sun bunny'-beaches were never my thing-so it just goes to show that you should never put off getting that mole or spot on your skin checked out by a doctor, regardless of your lifestyle or history.

So while I was at home waiting for the inevitable and dealing with the effects of the first treatments of interferon, which make you feel like you wish you were dead, and dealing with well-meaning-but-overly-attentive family and friends driving me crazy and I was certain were already dry cleaning their black dresses and suits and having me in the ground, I decided to create this website. I update this site frequently but, yes, I do get busy and it sometimes gets treated like the poor stepchild. However, the bulk of this site was written back then, in the two weeks immediately following my diagnosis/prognosis, to keep me insulated and occupied. As I'm sitting here now, in October 2021, writing this update, I notice that I've written on these pages that I never intended to have a website. That's still true. It was only because of all the paranormal bullshit flying around out there, coupled with what I thought was my impending departure and, of course, dealing with La Familia, that my fingers got busy. By the way, it's been eleven years since I typed the first word of this website, and the paranormal bs is still flying around. In fact, it's worse. Oy vey. That's why I feel this site is more relevant than ever.

To get off this off-ramp I somehow got you on and back on the paranormal freeway, I'll wrap this by saying the interferon didn't work, but an investigational protocol of two drugs, which are now FDA approved, did. To the joy of many, and no doubt the dismay of some, I lived. I was what they called a "super responder", which only means that I had good medicine, great doctors, and was incredibly lucky. But there's one personal note I want to add, and then I'll shut up, I promise...

Please think twice before you use the term "battle" when describing someone who is dealing or has dealt with cancer: "She's battling cancer", "He died after a long battle with cancer". It seems to me to be such an unfitting and unfair analogy. Everyone, when faced with the disease, no matter in what form, has the will to live. The word "battle" connotes winners and losers. When someone passes from the disease, it does not mean they did not try every bit as hard as someone who survives. They are not losers.

Okay, thanks for listening to my personal rant. Let's get back into oncoming paranormal traffic. Buckle-up...

Fame and Filler and Fluff. Oh My!

I have been increasingly troubled by the growing number of inexperienced ghost hunting groups in New England. Masquerading as seasoned paranormal investigators, they dispense unsubstantiated theories as scientific fact and potentially harmful advice without caution. While there are some well-established and reputable groups, it is often difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. Slick, visually impressive websites, dubious affiliations and meaningless certifications are certainly not accurate indicators.


Cast a wary eye on individuals or groups whose websites are devoted to marketing and media self-promotion. They can be easily identified by the prominent placement of self-serving industry advertising and even presumptuous 'talent' agency booking information. Devoting large chunks of website real estate to the promotion of industry-organized and expensive ghost hunts, conventions and other moneymaking endeavors should beg you to question, if not their motivation, at least their priorities. One must entertain the possibilities of why any individual or group claiming to have your best interests in mind would feature such marketing front and center on their site's homepage, arguably the most important page of any website. Ask yourself, "What information could they have put in that space that would have helped me with my paranormal problem?". A homepage can speak volumes; it is a first impression, just as when you meet someone for the first time. It sets the foundation and direction for the rest of the site, and offers extremely clear insight into what an individual or group deems important. While I do not personally have an issue with any individual or group, such websites are textbook examples of why the field of paranormal investigation has a credibility crisis, and only serve to make everyone look bad in the eyes of the public. The paranormal has become big business and, while your goal is to seek discreet help with your paranormal problem, theirs is to attract national attention, or at least to achieve a level of regional notoriety. Notice the group and individual photos on many of these sites. Look familiar? Of course, as they are attempting to slavishly emulate their TV ghost hunting heroes: The poses. The angles. The ridiculously somber expressions. Sometimes even the black vehicles! Often the true agenda of the group's founder or leader is not to be in your home, but to be in millions of homes every week. While anxiously awaiting their big break, these 'wannabe celebrities' are much more interested in hawking their books, promoting their web series and advertising their convention appearances than honestly helping the public, regardless of their stated intentions. Now, you may have noticed that I occasionally feature an investigation I do for TV on my homepage. When I do agree to do these, I do them for the enjoyment and usually because there is something unique about the particular investigation and, as with all my investigations over the past forty years, I do them without compensation of any kind. Yes, some investigations are fun, and I have friends in the media that I really do have a blast working with. Not everything in the paranormal has to be dead serious all the time. 


Be aware of fluff articles in local newspapers and community guides featuring any particular ghost hunting group. Many times a member of the group will know someone on the staff, or the group will contact the publication to offer their story. During an off-season time of year, those articles are used as filler. Also, as Halloween approaches, you will see such articles more frequently. It's free publicity and not inherently bad, but offers little insight in to the quality or abilities of any group.


More information and tips can be found on my Ghost Hunting Myths and Ghost Hunting Questions pages.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Probably not, if you're attempting to call an amateur ghost hunting group. Most don't list a contact telephone number on their website, only an email address. That seems a bit odd, don't you think? They are quick to parade all of their 'team' and individual member photos on their sites, so wouldn't you expect that at least one would be willing to be designated as the contact person with a telephone number? Apparently not. Simply a minor inconvenience? No, it's a monumental fail. One of the first rules of thumb in offering any service is to make it easy and expedient for the prospective client to contact you. If you have gotten to the point where you are concerned enough about what is going on in your home to call a paranormal investigator, sending an email and waiting for a reply that may never come just doesn't cut it. Would you consider a pest control company that only offered an email address as a method of contact? Of course not, because the roaches would be carrying your Fruit Loops out the door in the meantime. Now, I'm certainly not suggesting that paranormal investigation is analogous to pest control but, if you're anything like me, you already know Fruit Loops are priceless. And so is the safety, sanity and well-being of you and your family when experiencing a possible paranormal infestation. That, my friends, is why you will find my telephone number prominently displayed at the bottom of every page of this site, with links to my Contact Me page placed throughout the body of the text on these pages. It is listed on my business cards, as well as on various business websites such as LinkedIn. Yes, I do get calls all hours of the day and night. No, I probably will not answer at 3:00 in the morning; even paranormal investigators need to sleep. And, yes, please feel free to leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Every Dark Side Has a Flip Side

While the waters have definitely become murky over the past several years in New England, it's not all doom and gloom. Real paranormal investigation can still be found without the circus and drama coming to town...and into your home. How? Just conduct a little paranormal investigation of your own! Using the information supplied, research some of the ghost hunter and paranormal investigator websites in your area; the information (and the problems) are not exclusive to New England. Make some calls. Do some digging. Personalities and style differ, and no group or individual (myself included) is perfect in every respect. Not every issue listed above is a deal breaker. Some are relatively minor but others, such as the "I wannabe a paranormal star!" websites, are best avoided. In fact, if the choice were to deal with one of those pompous paranormal 'divas' and their hyper-inflated egos or contract bubonic plague, I'd opt for the latter. And, yes, I'd be happy to help you with your paranormal problem; please never hesitate to contact me. My only purpose is to assist you, the client, in getting the help you need while avoiding the drama that you, almost certainly, would otherwise encounter.

Truth Is Spookier than Fiction...

So, sit by the warm fire with your hot chocolate (or something a bit stronger) and your dog sleeping at your feet. Curl up in bed with your cat and your comfy pajamas (the ones you would never let your boyfriend see you in) ...and read on. The ghosts, monsters and aliens are outside, but you're cozy and safe in here. Maybe.

Thanks for visiting!

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