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Haunted Board Games!

Yes, I know this is a bit off-topic in relation to the rest of my site but...who says paranormal investigators always have to be serious 24/7? Call me 'retro', but I love board games, especially those with creepy, eerie, spooky, ghostly themes, and have collected quite a few. What follows is certainly not an exhaustive list, only the ones that I own and can recommend. There's something here for all age groups, but keep in mind that even some of the kids games can be a blast for a group of adults (I'll admit that beer helps). Click on any title for detailed info brought to you courtesy of my friends at Take a few along when camping in the dark wilderness. Or turn down the lights, light a few candles, put on some spooky music and host a haunted board game night!

It from the Pit

Ghost Chase

Ghost Party (aka "Midnight Party")

Witch of Salem


Salem 1692

New Salem: Second Edition


A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game

A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked (Expansion for base game)

A Touch of Evil: The Coast (Expansion for base game)

A Touch of Evil: 'The Allies' (Game supplement)

A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked- 'Dark Revelations' (Game supplement)

A Touch of Evil: The Coast- 'Haunted Shores' (Game supplement)


Horrified: American Monsters



The Night Cage

The Bloody Inn

Bring Out Yer Dead

Campy Creatures

Campy Creatures: Expansion 1

Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall

Murder of Crows

7 Souls

Exit: The Haunted Roller Coaster

Exit: The Sinister Mansion

Escape the Room: Secret of Dr. Gravely's Retreat

Unlock!: The House on the Hill

Let's Summon Demons

Let's Dig for Treasure

Don't Talk to Strangers

Kill Doctor Lucky: 19.5th Anniversary Edition

Kill Doctor Lucky: Doctor Lucky's Mansion that is Haunted (Expansion for base game)

Affliction: Salem 1692

Bristol 1350





Ghostel: 'Family Values' (Game supplement)

Ghostel: 'Trick or Treaters' (Game supplement)

Ghostel: 'Legendary Guests' (Game supplement)

Halloween Party

Ghost in the Box

Yahtzee: Halloween Edition (Glows in the dark!)​

Halloween Never Ends

The Haunted Mansion-Call of the Spirits Game

Haunted Pumpkin

Spectral Rails


Evil Eye

Dark Darker Darkest

The Phantom Society

Geisterschiff ("Ghostly Galleon". Glows in the dark!)

Patchwork: Halloween Edition

Dawn Under

The Glenmore Haunting

Shaky Manor

Stack the Bones

Children (Super-eerie artwork on this game!)

Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds

The Pumpkin King

Witch Mountain

Monster Mayhem

Bump in the Night

Tower of Madness

Spooks: The Haunting Mystery Game

Green Ghost (Yes! That classic from the 1960s! Glows in the dark!)


The Living Dead Dolls Game

Ka-Bala (Another '60's classic! Glows in the dark!)

Bermuda Triangle

Grave Danger

Ghost Castle ​ (Glows in the dark!)


Shrieks & Creaks​

Atmosfear: The DVD Board Game

It's Alive!

Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Why?"(The 1958 classic!)

Geisterbahn ("Ghost Freeway")

Ouija (Glows in the dark!)

MacGregor (Glows in the dark!)

Oh No...Zombies!!!

Murder Mystery Mansion


Life: The Haunted Mansion Edition (Glows in the dark!)

Betrayal at House on the Hill (2010 edition)

Alien Autopsy

Impact Zone

1313 Dead End Drive

Vampire Hunter (Glows in the dark!)

Nacht der Magier ("Magician's Night". Glows in the dark!)

Mythic Mazes: Escape from the Haunted House


Abduction (Great card game for remote, overnight UFO hunts!)

The Testimony of Jacob Hollow

HeroCard Nightmare


House of Spirits


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