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A Hiccup in Time in North Reading, Massachusetts

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

"Historic" Haverhill Street? Yes, indeed. The street intersects many towns, and was the main route between Boston and Haverhill, Massachusetts back in the day when Paul Revere was excitedly yelling something about the British coming. For all we know, Mr. Revere could have encountered the same fog bank, gone fast-forward a few hundred years, and was referring to The Beatles. Yes, North Reading really is that strange...

Many houses and farms from the Colonial era still silently stand on Haverhill Street, and even without some paranormal trick of time, my eyes had to search for current-day reminders. The pavement surface does change abruptly at the Reading/North Reading demarcation and is very noticeable when driving, just as John had stated. I also noted that a path of high power lines cross over the street at the approximate location where John said he had his experience. I find this interesting, as high power lines have been involved with paranormal experiences in many documented cases. This may be due to the effects of strong electromagnetic fields on the brain or, as some paranormal researchers believe, that the fields supply the energy for such events to occur and manifest.

The sudden appearance of fog, the brief time frame, and the "muffled" hearing sensation John said that he experienced during the incident have been a component of some other documented accounts of slips in time. And one cannot help but wonder what role, if any, the unusual meteorological conditions due to Hurricane Sandy contributed to the event. Last (but, yes, almost certainly least), it was almost Halloween. The town would be the perfect setting for an H.P. Lovecraft story. No, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if his fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts was inspired by North Reading. After all, it was his neck of the woods. I'm sure Miskatonic University is waiting there for the next unsuspecting traveler, just beyond the fog...

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