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Paranormal New England: Thanks! You Guys Are Awesome!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Welton Arcos

In my experience, the vast majority of psychic mediums, sensitives...whatever you choose to call them...really can't do what they claim. And it's not always because they're dishonest; many honestly do believe they can dial-in and get somebody to pick up the phone on the other side. Subconsciously, they're doing the equivalent of 'cold reading'. Cold reading involves asking leading questions to a stranger, picking up clues and narrowing down the possibilities with each successive question until you obtain the information you need to make a very informed guess. At that point, the stranger, usually a member of the audience on a TV show, starts to tear-up and someone in the studio hands them a Kleenex. We've all seen it, and there are some very famous (and profitable!) "psychic mediums" that I believe are nothing more than extremely talented cold readers. Then, on the other hand, there's Welton Arcos...

More educated than any one person has a right to be and fluent in twelve languages, Welton can not only make the "I see dead people" claim, but the "I can hear dead people" and "I can talk with dead people" claims as well. However, unlike many who make those claims, he never charges for his services, working on a strictly donation-only basis. He doesn't work from home with a red neon sign in his window that screams, "Psychic Readings. Walk In". And no, he has never worn a brightly-colored scarf around his head (as far as I know!). Yes, I was extremely skeptical at first, but after years of working with him on investigations, I know he's the real deal. Actually, on some investigations he takes the lead, and I'm relegated to the sidelines. Affectionately known as "Zelda" around here, after the late, great but vertically-challenged actress Zelda Rubinstein of Poltergeist fame, my high-tech equipment is usually no match for his abilities. Some in the paranormal field (or more accurately, the amateur ghost hunters and groups) may snicker and roll their eyes at the thought of using a psychic medium, as it's an assault to their "scientific methodology". You can check out my Ghost Hunting Myths and Ghost Hunting Questions pages for my answers to them.

Jason J. Gagnon

Wicked 'smaht' and blessed with perfect eyebrows (I mean, look at them!), Jay's the 'UFO/USO/Everything in the sky that's not supposed to be there' guy. While ghosts far outnumber aliens as the topic of inquiries I receive, if you tell me that something unknown has just landed in your backyard or you suspect someone other than your doctor has been probing your nether regions (without your consent, of course), here's the guy I'm gonna call to help me make sense of it all.

Seriously though, Jay is incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable. The UFO phenomenon is far less accepted by the general public than are ghosts and hauntings. Why is that? I'm not certain, but probably because far fewer people have had an encounter. However, if you have, you can be shaken to your very core. If you believe you have actually been abducted, things can be even worse. Please be assured that contacting me will be a judgment-free experience, so never hesitate to do so.

Keepin' it Weird

Turning in a completely different direction, I'd like to take a moment to thank Dave Hurwitz from the Unregular Radio show Keepin' it Weird for having me on. Check it out every Sunday, 2:00-3:00 pm's well worth your time! Here's the link to the podcast when I was his guest.

That's it for the February, 2013 edition of The Booo! Blog. I promise to keep the website and blog a living, breathing BEAST!

Legal Disclaimer: All information, opinion and theories on this website and blog are published in good faith and for general information purposes only. I do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information on my website and blog is strictly at your own risk, and I will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with its use. All opinion and theories are strictly my own, and should not be construed as fact.

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