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Share Your Story!

Here's the place to tell the world about your strangeness! Have you come face-to-face with a phantom? Had an encounter with a UFO? How about a brush with Bigfoot? (No, your hairy mother-in-law doesn't count). Whatever your story, send it to me and I'll be happy to post it on this website. Always try to be as precise as possible (location, date, time, etc.) and please keep the profanity to a minimum. I will withhold your name on request, or feel free to use only your first name. Just one requirement: THE STORY HAS TO BE TRUE! I reserve the right to edit for grammar, and it may take up to 24-hours for your creepy tale of personal strangeness to appear on these pages. Thanks! 

Here's My Strange Story...

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Headless in Seattle

Submitted Monday, March 25, 2013

"I was driving on Mukilteo Blvd. in Everett, WA. late one night a few years ago, which is just north of Seattle. Anyways, the road goes through a pretty big park. Not much traffic that time of night, and I looked to the right side of the road (my passenger side) and saw a headless person trying to flag down my car. I think it was a man because he had pants and a shirt on. The weird thing was that he was just there all of a sudden. It appeared that he stepped up from a lower level, like he was stepping up and through doorway, but that wasn't possible because there was no house or building there, just the natural area of the park. I got a good look at him because I wasn't going fast in that area. His clothes were very baggy, like many sizes too big, and they looked dirty and ripped up. I looked back in my mirror and he was gone. True story. It shook me up and I still can't explain it". - Mike, Arlington, WA

The Shadow in the Field

Submitted Friday, March 15, 2013

"My story goes back to the early 1980s. About 4 am one Spring morning, two friends and I got up early to go to a farmer's market that was a good distance away. Of course, the sun was not up yet, but there was a lot of moonlight, and it was chilly. As we were getting in his truck to leave, we noticed a huge, black shadowy "something" silently glide from the sky and land in a field next to his house (he lived on a farm) about 300 feet away. Whatever it was, it had to be 30-40 feet across. It didn't crash, just smoothly landed like a large bird would, but this was WAY bigger than any bird. It really appeared to have wings of some type, but more like a cape, if that makes any sense. It wasn't a vehicle, it was a living thing or some type of animal; the movement was too intelligent. This "shadow" then slowly started coming towards us from across the field. We jumped in the truck and got out of there FAST! I've often wondered what it was, and what would've happened had we stayed. Creepy!". - Dave, Danvers, MA

The "Thing" in the Bushes

Submitted Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Okay! My family and I had just arrived home from a long day at the mall (family of six). We parked in the driveway and my three younger siblings all rushed inside the house with my father, while my mother and I brought everything from the car. I noticed my mom staring at some bushes near the entrance to the garage, so I looked in the same direction and couldn't believe my eyes. At first I thought it was a black man wearing black clothes, but the truth is this thing had red eyes and and seemed ghost-like. The thing (ghost, creature, alien) dropped to the floor and started crawling away so fast that it disappeared in seconds. Honestly, even though this happened to me, it's still hard for me to believe in stuff like this". - Jean, U.S.A.

"This is NOT a Game..."

Submitted Friday, August 9, 2013

"I sincerely believe there has been some type of entity in my home. I had lived in my home for nearly 20 years and as a family we had gone through a few things that had severely taxed us emotionally, including the loss of a loved one. In 2011, just out of the blue, I started having moments where I felt like I could see somebody looking at me in my peripheral view--but I never got a look at anything. I would get up, check around my bedroom doorway but of course nobody was there. Then, one night, I was asleep and was awakened by the feeling as if somebody had been dragged off of my bed. I woke up feeling terrified--afraid to turn and look at the other side of the bed. I forced my hand to reach up and turn on my headboard light and I noticed the sheets on the other side of the bed were positioned as if that very thing had happened--it actually looked as if something was dragged off of the bed. To say it scared the hell out of me in an understatement. I was too scared to move but forced myself--I bolted out of bed and ran upstairs to check on my children--everyone, including the dog, was asleep. I had never had any types of problems before this, but that feeling of being watched didn't go away. I started praying about the situation and asked God to take whatever it was away from me. I think my prayer wasn't exact enough...because he took it away from me...but then my children began having odd experiences. The final straw was when I was at the bottom of the stairs and called my daughter--she was in her room singing. I stayed at the bottom of the stairs and continued to call up to her. Finally I heard her abruptly stop and her room door opened and closed. A few seconds later she opened her door and asked if I had come up and opened her door. She said she stopped singing because she thought I had opened her door but then I shut it. It wasn't until this incident that I learned that she sometimes saw her closet door opened but didn't know why, she felt taps on her shoulders etc. while in her room and that there were even nights where the dog refused to sleep in her room and would pace nervously and push at the bedroom door until she let him out (her room was always where he settled at night--he used to sleep on her bed with her). I was beyond horrified...and I felt like a bad parent for not knowing something was going on sooner. As a former member of a ministry, I blessed the house and addressed every single entry point--even the old hole in the basement through which heating oil was delivered. I saved her bedroom for last...and as whatever it was was leaving our home...we couldn't see it but we could feel it. The air felt heavy--as if it was a cloudy day in her room. Our voices echoed a bit while we prayed but there are no echoes in her room. You know how if you close your eyes on a sunny day and somebody walks in between you and the sunlight? Well--yeah that...that happened in her bedroom except I didn't dare open my eyes--I just kept praying. This isn't everything that happened...but I don't even want to talk about all of it. I just wanted to tell people out there that this is NOT a game and if you have a real problem, get some REAL help...there are things out there that may come to you and it is not something to take lightly. Its been more than a year since the last incident. However, a few weeks ago, I heard footsteps going across my daughters bedroom..I was home alone and it was the middle of the afternoon and I nearly peed myself. I sat as if I heard nothing but knew damn well what I heard. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I even have a friend who will not visit my home. After the recent footsteps I am in the process of arranging for a Pastor friend to come and bless us and our home. I don't know why anything would be attracted to our little house but I have no intention on letting it get as far as it had in the past." - Name Withheld by Request, Boston, MA

Widow's Peak

Submitted Thursday, August 15, 2013

"I don't stay overnight at my parent's house anymore. My parents bought the house fairly cheap. The owner was in the middle of renovating the house when he decided to sell it. He never completed the renovation. After my parent's purchased the house over 5 years ago, they picked up where the original owner left off and continued to fix up the inside of the house. A beautiful house. Rumors of its haunting excited me yet scared me, but I ignored such hesitation and moved in when I had run into money problems. My boyfriend and I started to notice immediately that something was not right about the house. Feelings of being watched, doors being found opened when we knew we shut them tight and locked them. I once was putting on my make up and getting ready for the day, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, when I was violently pushed into the mirror. Pushed so hard and with such force from behind my shoulders that I fell forward and into the side of the sink. I would have my hair pulled, and I would get poked in the back. Nobody would be around. I would tell my parents about the strange experiences but they would make jokes out of it and laugh it off. One time as my boyfriend, our 2 year old and I were getting ready to leave the house to run errands, we heard a man's voice say, "Wait!" The voice was low and almost in a panic tone. We asked, "For what?" but didn't hear anything after that so we left. We soon moved out but even to this day when we go and visit, I always find myself looking up at the widow's peak window. You get drawn to that part of the house. I still get weird vibes and I still feel as though I am being watched." - Name and Location Withheld by Request

South Shore Spookiness

Submitted Sunday, December 29, 2013

"I'm a divorced mother of two young girls, and a nurse. I have a pretty strong no-bs attitude, and I tend to think on the more scientific, logical side. I came across your website (love it by the way), and thought I'd share my encounter. Still to this day, It seems quite surreal... almost like it's the kind of dream that you can only recall bits and pieces of. Anyway, I'm originally from Boston but I found myself in a little town about 30 miles south. I rented this place. It was built in the early 1800's, and it felt so warm and inviting at first. I was really happy to be starting over. About a week after I moved in, I started hearing things. It always sounded like there was something crashing down in my closet. When that wasn't happening, I was sprinting to the girls room because it sounded like the book shelf fell over, or something broke in the kitchen. It was like I was chasing nothing. I began to hear taps on the wall behind me. I would tap back, and more times than not something would echo what I tapped on the wall! My bedroom door would open on its own. I often found the toilet plunger in the kitchen (yeah, you read that right). Things would make impossible leaps off shelves. I was constantly freezing cold. It was so bad that I diagnosed myself with adrenal disease and went to an endocrinologist demanding answers. There was nothing wrong with me.. but I could never get warm when I was in the house. It's almost painful to write about, because there was also a definitive decline in my mental state. I became very anxious and depressed (that is very unlike me, I am a goof). I was drinking like a fish when my daughters would go to their fathers for the weekend (also very unlike me.. I often go 5 or more years without so much as a glass of wine). I became unable to be in my home by myself, as the activity would become very intense when my children were gone. I felt like something that I couldn't even see was taking my independence away from me; something I hold dearly. I started to have friends stay with me on weekends. One evening, I was on the porch at the bottom of the stairs and the deadbolt started moving back and forth maniacally. My friend and I ran upstairs and slammed the door on our way to my bedroom (stupidly; it was the most active place in my home). I closed the door tight and then watched it open as if something was pushing their way through angrily. Things got worse after that. I stopped sleeping normally. I would sit in bed and listen and look and watch. It was like I had to catch something on camera or on the recorder so that I could just prove it to myself and everyone else that I wasn't losing my mind. I was so sleep deprived and jumpy. I felt like I was being watched when I took a shower even. I began to take photos and use my recorder every time I got that "feeling". Sure enough, I captured photos of a small boy, and several photos of an older man with a beard. I caught EVPs of something saying "mommy", and of an older man speaking or coughing. Even still, I was questioning my sanity. More blatant things began to happen. A very large painting fell off the wall with no obvious cause and the frame and glass shattered. There was a thump in the basement that shook the entire house and things got destroyed that were on shelves and hung on the walls. I actually called the police that night convinced someone was trying to get in...they found nothing and I spent the rest of the night on my neighbor's couch. My children would come into my room in the middle of the night asking me what I was dragging or why I woke them. I was at my wit's end. I contacted a friend who knew a paranormal group (don't even get me going about that craziness) just to see if they would come up with the same things I was seeing/hearing. I didn't give them leads or any information other than "have fun, this house is f#@ked". I just wanted to know that my sanity was still intact. Turns out, I was tired, but not crazy. They investigated for 2 nights and actually brought in another team and a pretty popular psychic for another 3 day investigation. I enjoyed the time away and when I returned, it was confirmed that I didn't have a screw loose. I listened to an EVP (one of many) that actually said my name. When the investigators were talking to me during our last meeting I was feeling great. Then all of a sudden that "feeling" came over me and I just told them "it's back" (very Carol Anne like, I know)...and sure as hell there was that house jarring bang again. So, there's so much more that happened, but this is already turning into a novel. I ended up having a Buddhist Monk come in and cleanse my home. I am not religious, so the customary offering of the ghost buster group (sorry..they were drama queens) did not work for me. I am very spiritual and that belief system complements mine. Well, it quieted the grouchy pervert entity for a while... although, it never really went away. I ended up renting a portable storage unit, tossing all my belongings in it and moving. That time I spent there was one of the worst times in my whole adult life." - Name and Location Withheld by Request

Lady in White

Submitted Tuesday, July 30, 2019

"Three friends of mine and I were driving around at 2:30am having fun telling stories of fun we've had. My turn was coming up and I didn't want to have to turn my head to talk so I remembered a road up ahead that connected with railroad tracks, I thought I'd stop there & tell my tale. When I finished my story however I noticed something out the corner of my eye, it scared me and I hit the gas pedal. My two friends in back began to scream, "What's wrong?" My friend sitting next to me said, "I saw it too." When I asked him to describe it he said "She was about 5'4" with jet black hair that came to her shoulders, white night gown that came down to her ankles, but she had no shoes on, her skin was pale white and she looked like she was soaking wet!" That is exactly what I saw! She was quite beautiful and that isn't what scared me, she stood facing the railroad tracks, but her head was turned facing the car and her eyes seemed to peer deep into my very soul. We went back to the spot immediately and she was gone! No foot prints and there were no houses in that area! The two who didn't see here were good boys, never cheated. But the friend in the front seat and I cheated on our girlfriends, was there to warn us to stop? Her look convinced us two to stop and grow up, never cheated again!" - Name and Location Withheld by Request

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