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The Paranormal Portal

One thing I've noticed over the years is that some people are still hesitant to come forward with their paranormal problems. Whether they are embarrassed, feel that others won't believe them or whatever their reasons may be, they suffer in silence. I'm constantly beating myself up, wracking my brain to come up with ways to help more people. My solution? Step through The Paranormal Portal! The Paranormal Portal is my live, anonymous chat helpline. It will open every Sunday from 10:00-11:00 pm EST, as well as immediately after all radio appearances, so that I can answer any paranormal questions you may have. Ghosts and Hauntings, EVP, UFOs, Cryptids...I will try to help with whatever creepy thing is lurking in your closet or keeping you awake at night with your blankets pulled over your head!

Please disregard the ads on this page. While I've attempted to make my website free of blatant, unrelated advertising, in this case it was unavoidable, as it was embedded in the html code required to make the portal functional and could not be removed (I'm sorry, I really tried!)

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