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EVP Recordings

Most of what passes on television and various websites for Electronic Voice Phenomenon can easily be explained as digital noise and artifacts, amplified and altered by the overzealous use of sound processing software. I go into much more detail on the EVP page of this website. For that reason, you will not see a large quantity of recordings posted here. Contrary to what some may lead you to believe, genuine EVP is quite rare. I will not post a recording unless it can be considered 'Class A' without the use of sound processing. A good rule of thumb? If you're left scratching your head as to what the 'voice' is saying, and would have never guessed unless told, it is not real. Unless it is intelligible without sound processing, you are not listening to the dearly departed, only digital garbage. Even then, there are several non-paranormal possibilities which must first be considered. The bottom line? No recording, photograph or video in itself can be held up as 'proof' of the paranormal, and no such claim is implied for any appearing on the pages of this website.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Saturday, May 4, 2013.

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This was recorded at approximately 9:30 pm roadside in Gettysburg National Military Park. Recorded by Welton Arcos, the 'voice' seems to be calling out for a doctor, or addressing a doctor to get his attention. It then seems to be followed by the word "easy" repeated twice, although that is certainly up for interpretation. It is interesting to note this recording in context: Welton and his two friends who were with him that evening are, indeed, doctors. The request would also be consistent with the history of the location. There is also what sounds very much like a panting dog, which only adds to the mystery. No other humans or dogs were present at the time of the recording.

The recorder is an Olympus VN-960PC set on the 'HQ' setting, using the recorder's internal microphone sensitivity set to 'High'. The recorder was handheld at the time of this capture. The VN-960PC is not a recorder that I would recommend for attempting to record EVP, as it does not meet the required specifications. Still, this is what was captured, and I will leave you to be the judge. No sound processing software was used. The only manipulation was to convert the recorder's native .wav format to mp.3 for uploading to this website.

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